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Friday, October 06, 2006

Still waiting for that RAM...

Well my RAM has shipped but sadly, according to the tracking website, it's been onboard with the courier all day!

So much for upgrading to 1GB's worth of goodness this weekend. I guess the courier's taking the scenic route.

At least I know what my shipment looks like! -thanks to Hugo's post today.


  • WTF!!! Is the courier travelling vie Perth to get to you mate...when he gets there say hello from me - NOT!

    By Blogger Hugo Ortega, at 3:58 pm  

  • Turns out the tracking website didn't get updated. The package arrived at lunch time on Friday but the site didn't indicate that until Saturday morning! And the person who signed for it didn't bother letting me know it had arrived.

    By Blogger Grant, at 3:04 pm  

  • That's good news - I guess - would have been a better weekend with the RAM, than without. From what I can tell though it was worth the wait!

    Have a great P1510 sort-of-a week mate.

    By Blogger Hugo Ortega, at 5:52 pm  

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